Kris Nations bracelets are back! Double Triangle Drops (left) $48 El Dorado Layer Bracelet (right) $78 Small Dahlia Earrings $48 Long Dahlia Necklace $128 Med Dahlia (left) $68 Large Dahlia $78

Kris Nations’ Back!

Kris Nations friendship bracelets and other jewels are back for the holidays! These make perfect gifts!

First photo from top to bottom:
Taos Bracelet in Green (as worn by Yukimi of Little Dragon!) $68
Old Town Bracelet in Coral $48
Old Town Bracelet in Wine $48
Old Town Bracelet in Lemon $48
Carlsbad Bracelet with Rhinestones in Blue Lapis $68
El Dorado Layer Bracelet in Burnt Red $78

Also, celebrate San Francisco’s official flower with these pieces from their Dahlia Collection! Make a statement with these Dahlia Earrings in larger sizes. I love the simple yet intricate design of these flowers. Reminds of me of a beautiful papercutting piece.

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